Have I got news for you…

Many people were kind enough to get in touch recently when Ian Hislop inadvertently mistook Dominic Holland for Francois Hollande – and luckily for me, Richard Osman was on Ian’s team and he corrected him. Free publicity I guess and my phone melted.

a minefield of info. Thank God
a minefield of info. Thank God

I have never been very good at coat tailing – fame by association in other words. But my days as the warm-up on Have I Got News For You is now bearing unexpected fruit. My mate, Tim Searle is a brilliant animator who I met on the show and we remained friends. Many moons ago (6 years?) Tim introduced me to Bill Freedman, a man who wanted to make an animated football sit-com. Did I have anything of mine that he could read?

The Ripple Effect, my second novel screamed in to view.

Bill loved it and I got the job of writing two episodes. Many false starts along the way as happens with all such ventures, but I am delighted to say that the Wild World of Warren is now being produced by Baby Cow Productions for ITV and will be on your screens in 2013.Warren Kingsley

Anyone who has read all of Eclipsed will know that I am incredibly excited about this.

This is the first post without any mention of you-know-who – so progress then. On with my life!




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  1. Busflower / Carla says:

    Am enjoying the new blog just as much, even without any mention of ….. Wishing you and your family a blessed and peaceful Christmas and may 2013 bring you all you hope for!

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