Scooping Fleet Street

Thank you to all the people who have been in touch about ‘Daybreak’ today featuring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor from the forthcoming film, The Impossible. Tom is not appearing on this interview as he was at school on the day it was recorded where is he today also. Just left the house as I crank up my laptop.

nothing like his real dad
nothing like his real dad

But Tom has been interviewed by the London Standard which runs tomorrow (I think) and should include a piece by his old man as well – making yet another Evening Standard moment in the story of Eclipsed…

There are three such moments in the current manuscript, so really it needs updating already – proving that this ebook of mine will never ever be finished and explains why I needed to call time on the blog in LA.

My plan today is to post this Daybreak interview here – but this could take some time, so again,

Please bear with…

(I bumped in to Sally Phillips the other day at Waterloo. She was on the phone and I settled for a wave and quick peck on the cheek. I would like to have told her that she is hilarious in Miranda and her catch phrase and character is bloody wonderful – and having said as much, I am sure she wont mind me borrowing it)

(apologies – my wife has just told me that the Daybreak thing is tomorrow. I am an idiot)

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