How did I miss this?

Last night was a brilliant snap shot in to my life.

A mate of mine was around with the DVD version of my downloadable stand-up show called - Dominic Holland is alive in Tring.

My mate shoved on the DVD version – Nikki and the boys chucked their opinions in and quickly, we signed off on the art work and the menu. Job done. Mate left.

Tom then announced that he needed to watch the DVD of The Impossible again – and his timing wasn’t lost on me and how our respective DVD’s diverge wildly. One is a $40m movie that took $200m at the Box Office – and one cost £3k with Box Office receipts not yet in!

Before I explain further – I should point out that Tom is not a narcissist – but that he needed to watch ‘his’ DVD for a good reason and quickly, even though I have seen it so many times already – I enjoyed watching it again especially with a remote control and a running commentary from the kid appearing on the screen. It was really the ultimate DVD extra. What happened when, how things were filmed…

Regular readers of this blog will know of my start in film. Way back when I was 14, (the same age as Tom when he played in The Impossible) I appeared in a Channel Four film called P’Tang Yang Kipperbang. This was when eclipsed really started because I was just an extra. I did have a line but it did not survive the edit! The lead actress was Abigail Cruttenden – whose little brother, Hal (much less attractive) would become a good mate of mine in the years ahead and indeed we now have a Radio Four series together.

Watching The Impossible last night – stopping and starting – so Tom could fill us in – I suddenly spotted an actor. The man playing the insurance executive at the airport towards the end of the film. He looked just like the leading actor from P’Tang Yang Kipperbang.

It couldn’t be surely…

Quickly on to imdb and it was confirmed. John Albasiny, the star of P’Tang had also featured in The Impossible. I remember him very fondly and was delighted to see him again – but most frustrating, I had been present in Thailand when this scene had been shot and I had no idea at the time. I would have loved to caught up and introduce him to my family – but there we are, chance missed.

Small world eh?

Which I figure is a good name for a radio show…

(this last line is a reference which only people of a certain age and demographic will get – so don’t sweat on it)



DVD of my stand-up available soon by post – complete with a poster signed by DH and TH

and all of the above and more explained more fully in the book

how tom holland Eclipsed his dad – available via with site.



2 thoughts on “How did I miss this?

  1. Brad says:

    Oh Dom you poor thing – I just found another example of you being Eclipsed by young Tom. I needed a laugh so I watched the trailer to “alive in Tring” – again. At the end of the youtube clip, I was given the choice of 12 other videos I might like to watch – 3 were actually of you – which in itself surprised me!, 1 was Naomi Watts and 8 were of Tom Holland. At least you rated second in recommendations!!

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