D. I. Snaith – Tales from the Casebook

Anyone who has seen Dan Evans doing stand-up comedy will now probably be smiling to themselves now. Dan has this affect on people. His act is insanely warm – in the same vein as Otis Cannelloni – not that either of these acts are not laugh-out-loud funny – because they are – but it is warmth that the audience take home with them. They both make people feel happy.

I worked with Dan recently and we had a great night out – going for a curry afterwards. Dan is as warm off stage as on. He has written a book and kindly gave me a copy – I am sure in the hope that I might help him to promote it – although nothing was said.

The book is called D.I Snaith – Tales from the Casebook

Dan published it himself – so immediately, a man I can empathise with. The book is bonkers. A series of short concluded detective stories – very heightened – very silly and very funny.

I have said many times on this blog before – the lack of support from creative types for other creative types and their endeavour. The greasy pole is very greasy indeed – which is not something I ever really understand. If I like something then I am happy to bring it to people’s attention.

So here goes –

This is a book by a smashing bloke – it will take only a few hours to read – and of all the guff in book shops, you could do an awful lot worse and I hope some of you might come to it.

Thank you.




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