The Wright Stuff – tomorrow and all week…

Another week beckons on The Wright Stuff.

It is a show that I have done for many years and have always enjoyed appearing on. Actually, not always. It can be tough – but it the shear variety of subjects I will be asked to opine on – with the added pressure of adding levity wherever possible. From the contentious to the frivolous - the gear changes can be fierce and always pays the panellist to keep focus.

I don’t bone up for the show. Not because I am lazy – but because I prefer to rely on my particular set of values. I express myself as honesty as I sometimes dare – and given that this is sound-bite telly without the luxury of time - to make my point and hope that I am not misinterpreted.

Whatever the news of the week – no matter how heavy or light, by the end of the week, I am always knackered – and so my respect to our host, Mr Wright who is always effervescent and as enthusiastic as he was when we first met over ten years ago now.


3 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff – tomorrow and all week…

  1. Bernie says:

    Hi Dom – look forward to seeing you on the show this week. Heard you mention again that your new show is Britain’s first animated sitcom and while you probably already know this, it isn’t at all. I can post a list of all the previous British animated sitcoms that have graced our screens, but here’s one from just last year to start you off with: Full English.

    Perhaps you meant it’s *your* first animated sitcom?

  2. Busflower / Carla says:

    Blast, been away and slowly catching up on my reading and saw I missed you on Wright-eys show. Love the show but especially enjoy hearing your opinions – voice of sound reason and good moral values 🙂 Hope it was a good week and hope you (& family) are all well. Best wishes.

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