hurray. Wolf Hall is on telly tonight!

A period drama to me means two things.

It is either a dowdy film where actors usually take things far too seriously and almost always speak too poshly – or it is a time of the month (not each month) that I will ‘never understand’ and where I can do nothing right for the lady in my life.

Both of these ‘period dramas’ fill me with dread.

And yet I can’t wait for tonight’s first instalment of Wolf Hall – and not because I have read the books by Hilary Mantel – books that hovered up all the awards and achieved prodigious sales and glowing review – but not from me.

Both of these novels were not for me. Too long for starters. Or ‘too thick’ perhaps is a more accurate description for both the books and me?

So why the interest tonight in Wolf Hall.

Well, mainly because my son Tom Holland plays Gregory Cromwell in the series – son of Thomas Cromwell – played by Mark Rylance no less.

Actually, I lie when I say ‘mainly’. Tom being my only interest in this show and no disrespect intended to our most celebrated Shakespearean actor not to mention Damian Lewis who plays Henry VIII.  (I love Homeland btw).

This is the biggest BBC drama for years. It is keenly awaited and has already been heralded by the critics. And my son is in it? How bloody exciting.

This is what I have been blogging about for year and it validates my book – how tom holland Eclipsed his dad – the best piece of work I have ever produced – outside my kids of course – without whom I couldn’t have written this book in the first place…


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