I am almost fluent in English…

I am always grateful when readers of my books take the time to review them on-line or write to me with their observations – and one recent correspondence made me smile. Before I can explain why, I need to give some context.

There is probably a word now for a condition that I suffer from, which is, I am completely unable to write without omitting words! A problem if you want your writing to be effective and understood?

I think this happens because when I check my work, because my brain knows what I am saying or the point I am making – it inserts the omitted word/s and so I just don’t see the error/s. (It drives Nikki nuts if I ever post a blog without her checking it first, such as this one, so apologies any words are missed out.)

Now that we have established my illiteracy, back to my recent correspondence about Eclipsed, from Anthony Madairos, a pastor from a Catholic church near Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.

Anthony enjoyed the book enough to write to me which is heartening but since he was writing an email, he could not resist pointing out a howling mistake (typo) in my book, when I discuss the grave injuries of Maria Bellon, played by Naomi Watts in the movie, The Impossible.

I reproduce here Anthony’s words and correction – which he includes as a PS, perhaps to soften the blow?

PS: Maria Belon due to her medical crises, was not “read the last rights.” She was administered the Last Rites (although this, too, is a misnomer for Sacrament of the Sick). In the US, an arresting police officer must “read us our rights.”

This error is not a reflection of my condition which I have just explained.

My confusion of the words, rites and rights is because I am a bit thick – which might explain why my writing is a lot like my golf – a struggle.

Incidentally, I am half way through my latest novel, I’Gabriel. A friend of mine, Helen, has offered to proof read it for me. She has no idea what she is letting herself in for.

(PS: above in this post – when I am apologising for any words that might be omitted in this post, there is a missing ‘if’ in this apology)

I did this deliberately.

To make my point? But also because I thought it might be funny!

Anthony, thank you for your correction and your guidance…

(Perhaps you can pray for me)

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