The boys are back in town…

Watching the first Avengers film at the cinema all those moons ago – it seems remarkable now that Tom has somehow become an Avenger himself.

Who knew? This might be a cliche and lazy English but it does sum it up better than any other two words I can think of.

And with Avengers Infinity War about to set new cinematic records (not to mention, keeping the earth safe?), it seems apt and we are very excited to be able to offer a new Brothers Trust event. A screening with Tom at a private London cinema for 130 lucky people.

And like the film – this event will be epic.

Tom will host and conduct a QnA after the screening and there is an opportunity also for people to buy packages to a private reception with Tom for drinks and nibbles at a venue close by.

We understand that these packages are expensive and beyond the reach of the many – which is why the majority of tickets for this event are being raffled off, so that everyone has a chance of winning.

That said, obviously, with such short notice and Tom’s fans being so far-flung, not everyone will be able to travel (nor afford to) and where this is the case, we are grateful to people who can support this event by helping us to share news about it on-line.

Some of you will have noted already that Sam is home safely from France – but not for long. As I write this post, I am in Aberdeen, Scotland for a gig this evening. Tomorrow, Nikki, Sam and Harry head to LA to join Tom for the world premiere. With Paddy and I drawing the shortest of all straws and remaining in London albeit with Tess – so an upside for us – sort of…

As ever, all proceeds from this event will go to good causes and to people much less advantaged than ourselves. And on this, it seems fitting to explain that today is the funeral of James Dunn; a young man who the The Brothers Trust was able to to help via the generosity of our supporters.

RIP James

And good luck to everyone taking part.

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