Meanwhile, at the coalface…

This might not be so noteworthy – but I am half way completing my new novel, I, Gabriel

Needless to say, I think it is going to be the breakthrough DH project – and as I say in Eclipsed, the hope that this provides for me is enough to make this project worth whether it is ultimately a success or not.

With attention spans ever shortening – the novel will be the shortest book I ever written. Less is more and all that! I plan for I,Gabriel to come in at less than 50k words, so really, it is more of a long novella than novel? My thinking being that a 3 hour read is a prospect that even the most reluctant reader can take on. We will see…

But as I am discovering – a short novel – does not mean an easy novel to write – bloody difficult in fact but I hope to complete it before the Edinburgh festival where yet another DH project – my new show, The Glory Year will be unveiled.

Onwards people!

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