I can’t get on Channel 4

I was the first ever comedian to appear on Channel Four – well before Jack Dee got his well deserved break and the trendy cool types who reside on the Channel these days –

Because I starred in the first movie that ever played on the channel – P’Tang Yang Kipperbang – albeit when I say starred, I really mean appeared (briefly) as an extra and my only speaking line did not survive the edit – a prophetic thing as it turns out and well chronicled in my book – how tom Holland eclipsed his dad…

And even though I am unlikely to ever appear on the Channel again (too old…) – I am pleased to see that my eldest son can appear on the channel – because THE IMPOSSIBLE is on telly tonight and my son does have a speaking part and he does survive the edit.

0 thoughts on “I can’t get on Channel 4

  1. Liam says:

    It’s great to hear that Tom got a speaking part and survived the edit! Now I am trying to imagine what “The Impossible” would be like if they cut his role. Hmm. Impossible.

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