I know I am alone on this…

I am not excited that another Star Wars film is out. There we are, I’ve said and it feels good.

Even as a kid, I wasn’t overwhelmed and I couldn’t really understand why my school mates were losing their minds over it.

I have seen snatches of the three prequels – enough to know that I could never sit through one – and I have no interest in seeing the latest efforts either despite the stella reviews.

Mark Hamill on the radio this week was gushing about the movie and how the whole world knows that there is a new Star Wars movie. The reporter was equally gushy as I listened completely non-plussed.

I’ve read people expressing similar things about the new Spider-Man franchise and fair enough – I get this criticism (albeit I am aware that when this is said to me, it is often by people who are ever-green with envy) because I am not a massive super-hero fan either.

But that said, I am super excited to see the new Avengers in May – a film I would not normally choose to see. I don’t know the characters or the back stories of the Avengers (just like Star Wars). I am not into loud, crashing movies laden with CGI and special effects (just like Star Wars). And yet I am excited to see Avengers and I will not see Star Wars.

And if this makes me super-weird, so be it.

I am okay with that.

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