I’m in the money

I can only imagine the excitement of being someone like Rowan Atkinson or Stephen Fry. Or Ben Elton or Lee Child. Or anyone who is very successful because they these types all have what is known as a back catalogue. Stuff that they have done in the past which keeps on selling and so keeps on giving. Mr Bean broadcasts in Asia for the last quarter – Ca Ching or Get In…

These types must love to hear the sound of mail hitting the floor in their hallways – which I imagine are probably tiled and heated from below!

I say this because I occasionally get such cheques – for services rendered and in fact I received one this morning.

My radio series – The Small World of Dominic Holland – apparently has been broadcast in Belgium of all places and as a show of thanks, the people of Belgium have sent me a remittance for £13.

And here’s the funny bit.

I expect that the accumulation of gargantuan wealth and success has lost its allure for the luminaries above and the booty they receive has long just become a number.

But not for me.

I compartmentalise my day in to good things or good bits. Things that I can use to convince myself that all is well. And this cheque for £13 is good news not bad.

So does this make me richer than the types above?

Quite possibly, but rest assured – I would much rather be poorer like them and I am still working hard to make this a reality – if you know what I mean.

Tonight though I will treat my family with the profits from my radio show. A pizza restaurant I think – a food so disposed for sharing. Table for Six please. One American Hot please and a jug of tap water…

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