In memorial…

This date, April 7th last year is a memorable one for me but for all the wrong reasons. A day on which two men died, I was very fond of. Gavin was just 53, a father of four with the world at his feet. A man I greatly  admired and I miss very much.

Gav was a lynchpin in a social circle of mine, we are all a little lost without him. Anyone who saw my show The Glory Year in Edinburgh last year, it was Gavin I was referring to.

James Dunn was just 24 but looked much younger. Many readers of this blog will know of James who we met through our charity, The Brothers Trust. James suffered with EB, a pernicious disease that the charity Debra bravely takes aim. Anyone looking for a charity to support, a quick google search of Debra and your search will be over.

Both men had such different lives but with so many parallels. Both very brave, both living life to the full and both leaving large holes behind them. Gavin is survived by his wife and kids, all as bright as he was and I have no doubt will do Gav and Liz proud.

James is survived by his family and the legacy of his brave fundraising efforts. When the clever people in white coats finally establish a cure or a treatment for EB, it will be an achievement that James can wholeheartedly share in. His family are rightly proud of him and people born with EB will no doubt be inspired by him.

Gavin and James.

Top men, the pair of them.

Rest in Peace.

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