It’s been emotional…

Edinburgh 2017 is about to close and I will write a more fulsome account of what has been a remarkable experience for me and team Holland.

But for now, just a few thoughts and where to start…

Context is always key and anyone who has read Eclipsed will understand why this Edinburgh run has been ‘remarkable’ for me – since I practically gave up performing public shows for almost a decade and I never imagined that I would ever be able to do Edinburgh again and certainly not with a show called ‘Eclipsed’

With the book and now the show – I have long wrestled with tone and the personal nature of the material – which is why both projects have taken so long to fully form and complete.

My stand-up and solo shows have always just a reflection of my current life and this show is no different – because the reality of Tom’s career and Eclipsed is now so obvious and fertile and I am fortunate for the opportunity it has presented. An Edinburgh show needs an angle – and mine came courtesy of Tom – thanks Tom because the media finally came to me and very welcome too.

Of my six Edinburgh solo hours – this show has been by far the most important and special. Even more so than ’93 – my ‘big break’ year. Because of context (already flagged) but also because for the first time in Edinburgh, I am not here alone. Having the whole family here with me has been the stand out thing of this run. For their company but also their help and input which has been crucial. The cliche, I could not have done it without them is worthy here. Eclipsed Edinburgh has truly been a Team Holland gig. Nikki on welcoming and seating punters, Sam and Harry on all things tech with my lights, sound and my ‘get on’ and ‘get off’, plus their leafleting skills along with Paddy and Tess to unleash the cute factor on unsuspecting passers-by. And Tom of course for inspiring the spine of the show – and surprising me by flying in for a day from Canada which is very movie star and very appropriate for my show…

To all my friends and family who have made the trip to this beautiful city and come along to the show. For a long time, I avoided gigs with people I know – and this Edinburgh has finally got this monkey off my back. In the last six weeks, I have done a gig at the twins school, a preview in a local pub and an Edinburgh run where practically every show I have had people in who are important to me.

The show has been very well reviewed by some major newspapers (albeit I have not read any of them as yet) – and I hope that this platform might be enough for me finally to tour again – and in rooms larger than village halls – albeit they served their purpose because they kept me gigging and I loved writing them up in my book. In the autumn, I will speak with various agents to see if this tour can’t be set up?

Today is the last show of Eclipsed but hopefully not the last performance.

A quick word on Scotland, Edinburgh and its people. Previous Edinburgh’s I have been so fixated on trying to ‘make it’ I never took the time to breathe and look up – and take in what is surely the UK’s most beautiful city. Scotland is extravagantly endowed with its beauty and culture and I get why the Scots do ‘pride’ so well. Seeing Tess on the stunning beach at North Berwick will always stay in my fast crumbling memory and it is heartening to hear Sam and Harry – both London boys with the divisive nature of the Independence Referendum fresh in their formative minds both remark to me how friendly the Scottish people are and how much they have enjoyed this lovely place.

Finally, a big thank you to all the punters who came along, in particular to those big laughers – and especially those who have left reviews of Eclipsed at

I hope the people with books will enjoy the read having seen the show already. It will be interesting to hear their takes on this site over the next few months…

Tomorrow – with Fred McAuley and a bunch of comics – we are starting a three day golf tour in beautiful Scotland taking in courses that I really should not be allowed to play on – Loch Lomond, Prestwick and Dundonald – I will lose many balls and question my ever taking up the world’s most difficult game – but I will love every minute of it – and particularly so because of the preceding month and what it means to me.

See you on tour…


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