Tom and Dom – both Eclipsed…

Regular readers of this blog will know that Tom and I support Anthony Nolan, a charity that matches donors tissue with people with blood cancer.

Just a small matter of saving someone’s life then!

A good school friend of Tom’s is Sam Bell. Sam has registered his tissue (easy as spitting in a tube these days) – and recently, he got the phone-call that his tissue is a match for a patient.

What this means is that someone, somewhere has cancer and their hope of survival rests with Sam’s bone marrow and the clever people in white coats doing their thing.

This means that Sam is a lucky young man because all being well, he will save someone’s life. This is proper hero stuff and here is a photo of Sam giving his bone marrow.

And whatever I write or however many people I make laugh – and whatever film Tom makes – both these things pale against saving someone’s life and you can do the same by registering your tissue or just supporting this charity.

Go Sam…

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