It’s tomorrow…

Tomorrow is 29th July 2019 – the most important date of my year and one that I selected many many moons ago to give me plenty of time to fully prepare for the launch of my most successful book to date, I,Gabriel.

This plan included establishing a successful podcast of both my blog and new content.

And because this novel, I,Gabriel deals with modern-day issues, I was determined to have proof copies available six weeks ahead of publication to hit the desks of newspapers and local radio stations…

Neither of these goals were met things of course but not through any lack of desire or effort. My incapability to be organised loomed large and also the technology conspiracy against me that has plagued me all my life.

But tomorrow it remains and the date is pivotal.

And thank you to those of you who have pre-ordered the book – because these sales will all count as sales of 29th July and this should propel my book up the all-important charts – currently residing at 69,857 on and at 169,857 on – lets see how what dizzy heights it can reach tomorrow – and I can wait on the verdicts – the all-important reviews.

I am told that the worst fate for a book is no reviews at all – so I am grateful then to readers spending time Gabriel and those readers willing to post a review on-line at any of the various platforms.


And finally, a quick word on the time that it takes to read my book…

Because it is the time that a book requires rather than the cost of its purchase that is key.

We are all reading less and less in the age of the swipe. We don’t talk too much anymore either. In this digital world, reading a book might even feel like a throwback and so it had better be worth our precious time.

This is one reason why I,Gabriel is so short – and deliberately so. Less is more is compelling anyway but as importantly, it makes my book more accessible to people and less of a hurdle to overcome.

Because reading a good book should be a joy.  I can still recall the thrill of reading John Grisham’s The Firm. But that said, his novel, A Painted House almost killed me and I have never read him since.

Plus it is nice to be ‘into’ a book and to be able to respond positively when asked – “what are you reading at the moment?”

And this is particularly so for men – who in my experience, read one novel a year – on holiday with their families and Jack Reacher.

I,Gabriel is just over 50k words – so really, just a decent one-sitting-read. It is certainly compelling narrative and no one has seen the ending as yet.

So even without the pod-cast, the reviews and my appearing on any radios, nor other people’s podcasts, I still have high hopes for this book which will come as no surprise to anyone who has read Eclipsed and we all know how this particular story ends…


I, Gabriel – available here on and here on



3 thoughts on “It’s tomorrow…

  1. Lauren Linza says:

    My book is on its way, looking forward to reading it and will let you know what I think. I really enjoyed Eclipsed.

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