It’s tomorrow…

It being 1st July – the day before the worldwide release of Spider-Man, Far From Home – I am receiving constant google alerts for Tom Holland…

Alerting me to websites claiming to have the inside track on how a kid danced his way from London’s West End to Hollywood.

Click bait – whereby websites generate income from people’s interest in said actor, Tom Holland – which is something I would never stoop to in order to sell any of my wares. And so when these articles are mere cut and pastes/rehashes of old news and yet manage to also be frequently inaccurate – you will understand how irksome this is for me.

Especially since, as his dad, I am the only person who really has this inside track – and that I have already chronicled this story in Eclipsed.

A true and happy(ish) story

And even worse, that it is frequently suggested to me that I should write a book about how Tom got to become Peter Parker!

We have an expression in the UK which might not be very polite but it definitely encapsulates this reality and it is simply this…

Pissing in the wind.

Which is never an enticing prospect but it is something that I will continue to do, no matter what.

Spider-Man Far From Home – in movie theatres everywhere from tomorrow.

And for those interested in the story alluded in this short post – paperback version of Eclipsed is available from this website – and ebooks available here.

(I am aware that this italicised section of this post is opportunistic and is even stooping – but there we are – I have four kids and three of them still need me – or my money anyway)

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