Life is so delicate

Readers of this blog or watchers of my DVD will know that I broke my leg last year. A terrible injury which made 2012 pretty difficult with some reperussions still lingering as this wretched recession continues to envelope us all. A chance then to feel sorry for myself?

Not really.

The morning of my injury, 12th July, I was driven to hospital by a lovely mum friend of ours and her husband who I didn’t know at all, although I did know that he had been unwell. I recall that he was kind and caring in how he drove and negotiated speed humps – and then at hosptial, as they pumped me with morephine, he continued to fuss and offer his help to me in any way. There was nothing he could do of course but I was grateful to him and sent him a bottle of something a few weeks later.

That man took his own life last week – his depression finally overcoming him – leaving behind his wife and two children. How incredibly sad.

Depression is a terrible and very tangible illness and undermined by ‘celebrity’ sufferers who call on its symptons to either garner more love or explain away their indiscretions.

I regret now not seeing him since my accident. Not that I could have prevented such a terrible outcome, but I could have tried to understand the dark place where he existed. 

Too late now of course as his light is extinguished.

May he rest in peace and his surviving family somehow find solace in their continuing journey ahead.


5 thoughts on “Life is so delicate

  1. alyson fricker says:

    Very sad. Depression is all consuming and the sufferer being unable to see a world outside of their your own mind is very devastating for the loved ones. I hope they have support to help cope with the awful loss.

  2. Chad Harris says:

    Sorry to hear this, Dom. Today happens to be the birthday of a friend who took his own life last year. It’s so hard for us because even though we are certain we did everything possible to help him through his worst moments, you can’t help but feel terribly guilty. Depression is such a serious yet difficult problem to manage. Thank you for choosing to bring some awareness.

      • Chad Harris says:

        Perspective is the key word. Keeping everything life throws at you in perspective is so important. I like what you said in the blog, reminded me of a favorite lyric of mine from Dave Matthews, “Shine your light while you got one.”

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