Radio 4 Controversy

This Saturday morning I was alerted by three answerphone messages that Tom had featured on the BBC’s Today programme in a feature of children being exploited.

Understandably concerned and possibly angry I fired up my PC.

Lil Poopy anyone?

No, me neither. He is a 9 year old American rap star who is making headlines with a video featuring fast cars and provocatively dressed women – one of whom suggestively flashes her enormous backside to the camera while Lil Poopy smacks it.

America is outraged and Lil Poopy now has a lawyer who was on the BBC’s Today programme to defend his pay cheque. In his argument he used examples of child actors appearing in adult themed films – Chloe Moretz, Dakota Fanning – and none other than Tom Holland – who in the movie The Impossible – “…his mother, played by Naomi Watts flashes her bare breast at him. You decide which is worse.”

My family were more outraged at this than I was. In fact I was not worried at all.

For those who have not seen The Impossible, Naomi plays Maria and Tom plays her son, ten year old Lucas in a true story after the 2004 tsunami devastated the coastline of Thailand. In reality, Maria was completely naked with the waters stripping her bare – but this could not be filmed for obvious reasons. Her breast is severely lacerated, one of the many injuries that will confine her to hospital for 4 months to undergo more than 20 operations during which she is read the last rights twice.

When Lucas (Tom) sees his mum’s bare and severely injured breast for the first time – he is shocked and turns away – upon which, the breast is covered for the rest of the film.

Hardly salacious then and never exploitative and not worthy of comparison with Lil Poop?

And in these circumstances, how would I advise Lil Poop?

Fire the lawyer and get back to school where all 9 year old’s belong.

Oh, and drop the silly name.

What kind of a name is Lil anyway?


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