My moment…

The more eagle eyed of you might have seen that Nikki and I enjoyed a VIP trip to the famous Battersea Dogs Home before heading off to the Edinburgh Festival.

We qualify for VIP status because accompanying us is the cast of Spider-Man Far From Home; namely, Tom, Zendaya and Jacob. The visit was humbling and fun. Unfathomable abandonment juxtaposed great concern and kindness by people doing great work. And we left without a dog which is a great result for me and presumably for Tess also?

From there and in to a nearby restaurant called Revolution. I am spotted immediately by our waiter. He is excited to have my custom – and asks for a selfie after our meal. Sure, I say, a little bemused, not least because of who I am dining with. The real ‘stars’ sit with their backs to the room to avoid being spotted but there are no such recognition issues with our waiter who doesn’t have a Scooby-Doo that Spider-Man is about to order.

It’s amusing and we all laugh. ‘What Eclispe?’ Harry quips.

But then during the meal, their cover is blown. A beautiful young girl approaches and these are her exact words…

“You’re Zendaya aren’t you? And you’re Spider-Man and you’re Spider-Man’s best friend?’

Hearts melt. Selfies are taken and all in front of our beaming waiter. Surely, now, I am relinquished from selfie duty?

But no, this guy is true to his word. After the meal, he hurries over with his phone and asks for a selfie – with me!

He even gets Tom to take it.

I take this as a good omen for Edinburgh.

This might be clinging I know, but there we are.

The Glory Year is about to begin!

Voodoo Rooms – everyday at 6.15 from this Saturday onwards…

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