My thanks to Mrs Buckley…

Getting home late last night – I noticed a review for my latest novel – A Man’s Life. (Authors check these things don’t you know?)

5 stars, no less – so good news – but quickly the review had some alarm bells ringing…

What a surprise!, 24 Oct 2013


I was intrigued by the title of the review – ‘What a surprise’ – not worried because it had five gold stars next to it – but with my insecure antennae as honed as they are - I wondered if the reviewer was surprised that I should turn out a book so enjoyable?
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This review is from: A Man’s Life (Kindle Edition)

I don’t very often leave a review but I felt I had for this book and this author. I downloaded this book for free… 

Giving books away for free is now essential in the new world order of our internet age – and who am I to argue – but seeing the word ‘free’ in a review made me smile when I think back over the 7 years and thousands of hours it took to finally complete the blasted book.

Having seen Dominic on tv I was expecting more of a comedy feel to the book but to my surprise….

What? It wasn’t funny at all?

Actually, A Man’s Life is not intended to be a comic book. And this was not deliberate on my part. When writing a novel, I just set out with a story that I hope is worth telling – whether it is comic or not.

A beautiful story… thank you very much.

No, thank you Mrs Buckley. For taking the time to read my book and feeling sufficiently moved to write a review. It is heartening to hear that the book is having such an effect on people and although A Man’s Life has not been the seller I hoped that it would be, I am wealthier for having written it.

And I always have the hope that one day it will get discovered…


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