A funny video by Holland Films

I am frequently asked the question…

What is it like having four boys?

Answer – loud, messy, fewer straight edges than we would like, ‘whose is this sock?’, ‘turn that down’, ‘be quiet’, ‘don’t be rude…’

But the Holland household is best summed up by this very short video below. It was made by Tom Holland. I would love to be able to take some credit for it but I was out with Paddy when it was made and I had nothing to do with it. Typical really.



1 thoughts on “A funny video by Holland Films

  1. Tamara says:

    Hi Dom,

    As I really like your writing, I have been reading your old blogs lately. You already mentioned the short movie described above in another, even older, blog and I was looking forward to see how it turned out. Therefore it a bunmer to find out the video isn’t available anymore!
    Any chance this can be fixed? Or didn’t the boys like it to be online anymore?


    Sidenote: no i’m not only interested because Tom is involved. Your reading really got me curious about it 🙂 love your blogs!

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