Self-help books anyone?

I have been partial to a bit of self-help over the years and have shelled out much change seeking the ultimate alchemy.

Jimmy Carr put me on to NLP and others have recommended their personal favourites…

My latest acquisition is The Book of Afformations by Noah St. John.

I came to the book by accident. Self published authors need to become involved with other self-published and published authors – with a view to propagating each other’s work. And in doing so, I learnt of the blog tour…

Noah St. John does not appear to be your typical independent author. He has a raft of people working with him. Heavy weight publishers and high profile people endorsing this book and his many pervious books. He has an app and a website to rival Amazon. And yet, he is still doing a blog tour and I decided to give it a go.

And today I am interviewing Mr St. John on Skype about his book and my review will follow on this site later.

I confess to being slightly apprehensive. Normally I am the one being interviewed but not today…

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