Not just me being eclipsed

Exciting night in the Holland household but ultimately a disappointing one as Got to Dance played out on Sky1 with the gurning Davina giving it large as only she can.

Tom had two friends from Billy Elliot competing in this prestigious event.

Lewis Cope who was one of the boys in Tom’s summer school to become Billy and features in my book – how tom holland eclipsed his dad. Lewis is a cracking kid. One of fourteen from Hartlepool and now part of the street dance crew, Ruff Diamond.

And Rhys Yeomans was a Billy for a short period just before Tom the show. I didn’t know Rhys very well but did meet him and his supportive mum on a few occasions. I know nothing about dance but young Rhys danced magnificently on the show – as good or better than the soloist from Canada who would go on to win.

And in doing so – they beat Ruff Diamond also – and gutting all the Holland’s watching and voting as much as possible. From the dance off, I was convinced Ruff Diamond would win the £250,000 – a life changing amount of cash – and would have been very welcome I am sure.

I hope Lewis and his crew and Rhys carry on with their dreams. Only those who give up have absolutely no chance of making it – and I would love to see these kids get something for their efforts.

Well done to them both from Tom and his whole family.




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