a walk too far…

There are many walks that are very far and very welcome. A crisp Sunday morning in  a park or a forest springs immediately to mind. Some even walk to the North or South Pole – which is not for me but I admire their stoicism and I get it, sort of.

And then there are very short walks that are just too far.

An example:

“Waitrose is just a short walk over out footbridge”

I am currently at a motorway services. I pulled off the motorway with Waitrose in mind. The high end food retailer was the bait that I swallowed – prominently displayed as it was on the signs miles ahead of the services. These signs did not make any mention of the fact that I would have a ‘walk’ ahead of me and I feel cheated. A short walk though? Well, across a bloody motorway for starters not to mention two sets of stairs.

Anyway I am here now and after I post this – I am going to get on with some work ahead of my gig and my proper job tonight.

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