Not like when I was 17

My eldest son got his driving licence today. Naturally, he is very excited. The small matter of his lessons and his test to come. But I would be excited if I were him.

When I was 17 – I was in his shoes but with the prospect of my mum’s car as my wheels ahead.

Within reason, Tom can buy pretty much any car he likes – if I let him, that is – which I won’t – but I don’t mind him dreaming – dreaming is a good thing –

– only his dreams seem to come true…



6 thoughts on “Not like when I was 17

  1. Steven King says:

    That Buggati is more like 1.7 million quid…1000 horse power 257 mph…yea I doubt even one woman has actually bought one(or hell driven one, most I think are going to gulf countries I think lol). So yea…not a car for London driving.:)

  2. Brad says:

    I remember my first car – a bomb but it got me from A to B reasonably reliably. I suppose it goes without saying Dom, a good safe car is in order. In Australia, especially in the country areas the habit has been to get the kids an old bomb for their first car – not good! Not safe!
    There are of course other considerations when helping him choose a car – who else will be in it with him?????? 😉

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