Only in America is free again…

Morning everyone, following the very successful last giveaway of my first novel, Only in America – I am ‘pleased’ to say that it is free again tomorrow at amazon.

So if you fancy a novel that you can read in a day – or you have any friends who might fancy it – then please direct them here – Only in America – where it is free.

Below I include some info on the book as it will read on my new impending website (sometime before 202o I hope). After the media reviews are some all-important reader reviews and ideally I would love to add your review here at some point – although this will only happen if you enjoy it. I am afraid that this novel has garnered some stinkers as well which you can read at Amazon if you feel inclined.

Anyway, I hope you come to the book and enjoy it.



Only in America



How does a film script by an unknown writer fall in to the hands of a Hollywood movie boss and what happens if he sets his ‘people’ to shoot it. They have no idea that the writer is stuck in a dead end job in London with no way of knowing that her script is causing pandemonium Stateside. And so begins a breathless and romantic hunt that will have the reader laughing and screaming at this beautiful Cinderella of a story.


‘A comic story to rival Notting Hill.’



‘A funny and sweetly romantic debut’

Daily Mail


‘This book is the best thing to come out of Holland since tulips’

Harry Hill


‘Short, smart and packed full of jokes, if this book wore glasses it

would be Dominic Holland’

Nick Hancock


‘Laugh out loud funny all over the place and absolutely screaming

to be a film’

Mark Billingham, author of Sleepyhead


‘A good read with a clever plot . . . the narrative is laced with musing

on the minor perplexities of life’

Evening Standard


‘His hilariously funny and sharply written novel is the type of lighthearted

work you’d expect from such a comic’

Western Mail


‘Witty and charming. Astonishingly good. Quite irritating in fact’

Angus Deayton


‘The jokes flow slick and fast’



‘A fine stand-up comic has turned into a first class, laugh out loud

novelist. Read and enjoy’

Barry Cryer


‘It is the only book I have read in one sitting. Of all the books by

comedians turning their hands to novel writing – including Stephen

Fry, Alexei Sayle and Ade Edmonson – this is the funniest, most

enjoyable and satisfying’

Simon Wilson, Nottingham Post


‘Holland’s novel is witty, warm, enjoyable, addictive, captivating

and hilariously funny. Laughing out loud on your own can be an

unnerving business, but laugh uncontrollably I did’

Katherine MacAlister, Oxford Mail


‘Hilarious and touching novel’

Surrey Comet


‘The kind of story where you know right from the beginning how it

will come out, the pleasure being in how cleverly the ending can be

contrived for greatest happiness’



‘Farce meets fairytale as film writer Milly struggles to get her script

noticed . . . Great fluff and nonsense’



‘As soon as you pick it up, you forget about everything that you have

to do, and you read it from cover to cover and you laugh out loud

and you love it’

Jenny Handley, Saga Radio


“…the first novel that I have ever read in one sitting. Of all the comics turning their hands to writing, Holland is the best of them for laughs” Nottingham Post


Reader comments

“This book is quite frankly fantastic” Shaq – *****

“I read ‘Only in America’ in a less than a day – laugh out loud funny, and the characters are already missed” RayKay57 *****

“A fantastically good read” Brian Marples *****

“I laughed out loud in public and I didn’t put it down until I finished it” *****

My upstairs neighbours must have been wondering why I was laughing out loud at 1am. Rob Lightbody *****


Author Comment on Only in America

After writing my blog, Eclipsed for over two years, it is no secret that the story to this novel was inspired by my own endeavours to get a film made. My unsuccessful foray in to the film world did bear fruit but in a way that I least imagined – by giving me a story that became my first novel, Only in America.

And it is comic and ironic that this novel very nearly became a film itself. The key word in this sentence being nearly. It was all very exciting. It took me to meetings in LA and London. I did sign on the dotted line a couple of times but I never got to hear the seductive word, ‘action.’

It was all pretty heady at the time but was ultimately very disappointing and I ended up crushed. Until some years later when I am a dad and my LA experiences provide me with an unexpected opportunity and silver lining.

Because it formed the spine of the story that I called Eclipsed – which began life as a blog and eventually became my only non-fiction book – how tom holland eclipsed his dad.

So you see – everything happens for a reason…

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