The Metro Interview

Lots of texts and emails from friends and family about Tom’s interview in the Metro today – and not London bound myself today, I might not have seen it.

An interview that I have done myself in the past – and an interview for Tom that was not without it’s issues – the journo asking him some puerile questions about incest which thankfully an editor saw fit to omit.

Also mention of my writing a book and whether or not this was embarrassing for my son was a curve ball that he hadn’t expected – and this question has stayed in the interview which I read with some trepidation.

Tom answered accurately enough – and this is why when I wrote the blog and the book – how tom Holland eclipsed his dad – I was mindful not to write anything that might embarrass or compromise Tom or anyone else in his family – as anyone who has read it will attest – and I am grateful that this is often flagged up in the reviews on Amazon.

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