Danish Giraffe Gate

Outrage in a Denmark zoo.
Despite the protests and the media storm – the Danes went ahead and killed the animal anyway.
I quite like this.
Not the killing of the animal.
I don’t like this at all but I defer to their reasons for doing so – and I admire anyone who does not cow to pressure from people who probably know less about Giraffe breeding and sustaining a Giraffe colony in captivity.
But then the Danes took things one step further.
Instead of just announcing that the giraffe was dead – they went ahead with an autopsy in public which they filmed.
And again I like this.
Not the dismembering of an animal but I like the fact that the Danes can do things in their own way.
Quite why they needed an autopsy is a good question – given that an autopsy is a way to determine the cause of death and they had just shot the animal with a bolt gun?
But the Danes then further offended people by explaining that they were going to feed the dead Giraffe to the lions and tigers at their zoo and again – they then posted pictures of their big cats chowing down.
It is odd that this should be so upsetting given that this is exactly what happens in Africa where these animals come from.
And then it struck me – that the Danes actually copped out somewhat in offending us all.
Because they could have just released the surplus giraffe in to the lions enclosure and just let nature take its course. Job done. No more giraffe and full lions. Plus it would have given them a youtube clip that goes viral and makes them another killing.

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