I have a thing with words…

By this I don’t mean that I am great with words. This is for others to say or not. I am not saying that – ‘my books are bloody wonderful’ which is how a lot of self published authors seem to conduct themselves on twitter and elsewhere.

What I mean by, I have a thing with words – is that I have a kind of blindness when it comes to words, dare-I-say-it but even a disability. I must have because no matter many times I check my work, there are always always always glaring that I can’t see and it drives my wife nuts – and some readers of my recent books. I just leave words out or I will add in extra words – which I don’t see, I think because my brain knows what I want to say and so seems not to bother connecting with my eyes – hence the typos.

I say all this now because I am pleased this weekend to have another review for my novel, A Man’s Life. A 5 star review but it makes mention of the typos again – which is frustrating given that I had the manuscript professionally copy edited and I rewrote and checked the manuscript over and over…

Anyway, my thanks to Neiler for finding my book and taking the time to read it and then to review – my new novel is called Open Links – which I am two thirds through and I am going to employ a different editor – and needless to say, ‘it is bloody marvellous’.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read, 7 Feb 2014


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This review is from: A Man’s Life (Kindle Edition)

A great read and I plan to read more by Dominic Holland. A real roller coaster of emotions and hard to put down. Just a pity about the spelling, grammatical errors and additional words put in by mistake.

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