The camera never lies…

The camera never lies is a cliché. Clichés are clichés because they are invariably true.
The camera never lies is a cliché conceived with adults of my age in mind. As they leave youth and head in to the later tranches of life.
This is a gradual process – but the actual realisation can be extremely sudden and very often via a camera.
Of course I have been aware of my waist creeping, my hair thinning my teeth yellowing and like everyone of my age, I took my youth for granted and had no idea that it was the best I was ever going to look. And now I am aware of parts of the anatomy that my kids have never heard of like jowls and haunches.
And the newly middle aged are all in denial. We can suck things in like the belly and cheeks – push the hair this way and that and bang – we are still good to go.
Until we see the photograph that is. The photo that stops us in our tracks. That makes us stop and forces us to think.
Because air brushing and photo-shopping aside – the camera is all knowing and sees everything. Every crack, crevice and fault.
And these blemishes are likely to be highlighted even more if the person of a certain age has their photo taken with a person is the very embodiment of youth, athleticism and physical prowess.
Jess Ennis Hill is HEATLH.
Another clich̩ tells us that a pregnant woman blooms Рthat a pregnant woman glows. Well to accentuate our differences even more then РJessica Ennis Hill is currently with her first child Рand so this picture was never going to be good for me Рand when I saw it, I did have a quiet moment with myself. But I was still proud to have met our Olympian and tell her well done.

And finally, can I say that the dress shirt I am wearing in this picture, gathers and billows at the waist…

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