out of the ashes…

So my plan was to record a stand up show in order to generate some footage for my forthcoming ebook that I ended up calling – how tom holland eclipsed his dad. Thanks to Pete Harris for help with the title. Pete is my ex-‘manager’ and is mentioned in the book but I still owe him a beer. (I don’t think Pete drinks and given the on-going recession, this is a good thing.)

dom holland live stand up showBreaking my leg in July – and being unable to gig before the recording was not ideal but I decided to press on with the recorded shows anyway – to see what we get.

The plan for the ebook was to have video inserts throughout the electronic book – me doing stand up relevant to the story and other clips (interviews with Tom etc) – but then the quote came in – and I had to backtrack rapidly and settle on the same manuscript but with pictures throughout.

It was never my intention to create a full length DVD from these recordings – but the ibook being unaffordable – the opportunity was there as a fall-back. It is not available as a physical DVD – and it is obviously not going to be available in HMV (are any comics planning on having physical DVD’s or books going forward – available in actual shops?)

I am taking the Louis CK route – the world famous multi-millioniare American comic who I used to work with at The Comedy Store many moons ago – and a fraction of his success will suit very nicely, thank you.

So the ebook is available via amazon and smashwords – and the downloadable stand up show – dominic holland is ALIVE in tring – is available via this site also.

Please enjoy either or both responsibly – and what this really means is - if you do happen to enjoy them, then please help me spread the word and achieve my lofty goal of at least breaking even!

Thanks in advance.


8 thoughts on “out of the ashes…

  1. Afra Willmore says:

    I went to the gig where this was filmed, and in fact became part of the act. So I bought the DVD. But watching it I enjoyed the gig as much as when it was live with the added benefit that I could rewind to hear the bits I missed because I was laughing so much! A bargain buy to see a talented comedian on form.

  2. Connor Hiller says:

    Hey I thought you would find it awesome that we watched some of your gigs in my college class today for fun, you are hilarious man, I mean it, everyone was laughing their a** off. And the movie The Impossible is selling out all over New Jersey (where I live) so tell Tom that New Jersey loves him. Thanks.

    Thought you’d like to hear this.

    -Connor Hiller

  3. Connor Hiller says:

    Hey Dom, I thought it would be nice to tell you that today we watched your gigs in my college class for fun, and let me just say, you are hysterical. Everyone in my class, including my professor, could not stop laughing. Amazing. A couple of friends of I are definitely going to buy your eBook, because you are awesome.

    Also, another thing that I think you’ll like is that The Impossible is sold out in nearly every movie theater in New Jersey (where I live). Your son is truly is something special when it comes to acting. So tell Tom I said congratulations and everyone in New Jersey loves him.

    -Best wishes, Connor Hiller

  4. Chad Harris says:

    Afra’s bit was one of the best moments of the show! Here Dom had this great bit about the challenges of raising 4 boys and some lady yells out “I’ve got seven!” LOL.

    This is a terrific DVD which is more than worth the few bucks it costs to download. It was cool seeing Dom in his element. Interactions with the crowd were hilarious and I was disappointed that he didn’t take the opportunity to goad his son when he had the chance! Thankfully, the end of the DVD contains an interview with the big star of stage and screen (as well as Tom’s dad).

    • Dominic says:

      hey chad – a fine line to tread with a son like tom – so many sensitivities to account for – and I figure my stuff has to stand up on its own of course – no pun intended…

  5. http://yahoo.com says:

    “Eclipsed Take 100 – Does anyone have a torch?
    | Dominic Holland” actually got me addicted on ur website!
    Idefinitely will wind up being back again a
    whole lot more regularly. With thanks ,Pat

    • Dominic says:

      Hey Guy – thanks – delighted it was worth the effort – the story of eclipsed is now complete but my blog lives on in a more general sense – and the ebook on amazon and smashwords is the comprehensive story with a proper back history of the whole crazy story…

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