Believe in people

So this week I was lost and bereft – not because of anything terrible like a bereavement or an illness but because I could not find my wallet. I don’t tend to drama but I was ashen. It was only maybe £50 (I say only these days) and the cards of course but I still felt naked, vulnerable and completely miserable.

It became completely pervasive – I could think of nothing else.

My wife and boys were all conscripted on search duties but nothing turned up. I looked in the same place again and again and I looked in places where it could not possibly be like the bread bin.

My bank explained that the cards hadn’t been used – so on I searched and did little esle.

I traced my steps back but with no enlightenment and then two days later, I got a phonecall from Addison Lee – the car hire firm. They had my wallet. So the driver on Monday morning – don’t know his name – black bloke from Nigeria I’d say or maybe Ghana – I salute you sir and say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I guess lots of people would still have trousered the cash and chucked the wallet -  but there are still good people out there and we should all keep on believing.

I realise that this post is hardly a sensational one – but it means a lot to me – and I would quite like the top brass at Addison Lee to find out about it – track down their driver and mark his card…

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