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This is one of the nicest emails I have ever received – and it cheered my day no end…

Other people wishing to mail me with similar are very welcome.

Hiya Dom, You may not remember – we met when I was compering a gig at a school in Kent and had a long discussion about all things comedy and being a Dad. It was great to meet someone who shared the insecurities of making people laugh with the passion of being a parent. I saw Tom’s film yesterday. And I have of course continued to read your blog. Tom’s performance blew me away – I can understand how completely, utterly proud you are of him. I remember you describing the experience, and for a lad of his age (or any age come to that) the depth he shows in the character is amazing. But the best thing about seeing the movie after reading your blog was that it didn’t matter if Tom had given the worst performance ever seen. The blog has never really been about Tom’s skills as an actor. It’s been about your love as a father, and the pride you feel no matter what is accomplished. I remember telling you I was thinking of giving up comedy, and I did, yet again. And I also told you I always wanted to tell the story of me and my son, Fin. If you remember, he’s autistic and has cerebral palsy. So, to many people our stories may seem very different. But they’re not. They’re exactly the same – that love as a father. So chatting to you in that classroom in Kent last year gave me the incentive to do it. I’ve written a show called My Son’s Not Rainman. – it’s previewing at the moment, and I hope to take it to Edinburgh. And you’re a big reason for this finally happening, so I just wanted to say thank you, and to let you know that when you’re sitting at home throwing words on to the screen and wondering if they’re ever being read, they’re affecting people in ways you will never appreciate. With very best wishes mate, Johnny

Be warned – I am going to plug the hell out of this show – and I would appreciate it if my readers of this blog could help also.

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