Saved by Spider-Man…

There are a lot of people in the Holland household anyway. Add visitors, friends, Tess our dog and the house is busy and usually frenetic. And as such, stuff gets lost or misplaced very easily. And so stuff is hard to find, always.

Odd socks are strewn about the place – which seems to only bother the adults of the household.

“Where are my bloody slippers?”

“How come I can only ever find one slipper?”

At this, Tess looks sheepish and usually slopes out the room.

So when I am slicing onions too fast and include a slice of my thumb, the chances of finding a plaster in our house are remote. A square of toilet paper or kitchen roll and sellotape is how this will usually play out.

I do look though, of course. But where to start?

Do we even have a medical cabinet? Or just a place or a drawer where we keep life saving stuff?

Another feature of our lives of late is that things just appear in our house – that no one can recall acquiring. Stuff just appears. Beamed in perhaps?

Like a box of spider-man plasters – which I am staggered and delighted to stumble across.

I don’t believe that anyone has actually purchased these branded band-aids but so what – they are very welcome and I guess, entirely appropriate that I should be saved by Spider-Man?

That said, I would feel more comfortable and less naff with a more plane plaster. This is why I have made a mental note to buy such a box when I am next out.

But this is unlikely to happen – and if it do make the purchase, then the chances of me finding a place for them at home and crucially being able to find them again when needed is practically nil.

Much better to just have Sam cut the onions in future. He has steadier hands, better eyes and most crucially of all… more time!

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