The next decade is all mine…

September is always a busy and happy month with birthdays and various anniversaries. Plus, there is back to school. Post summer. The nights drawing in. Sam heading off to university and even more so this year, since I am reminded that it is 10 years since Tom took to the stage in the West End and Eclipsed was born – or in other words, my life and our family dynamic changed forever.

The story of Eclipsed first occurred to me as I sat in the stalls of the Victoria Palace – and especially so when I would charge from a gig of my own, most usually in a ‘village hall’ to pick up Tom from his London theatre.

But the story completely crystallised when ‘The Impossible’ visited us all and I knew then that I had a great comic story to share.

Odd to think now that this story is already ten years old.

Much has happened since to solidify and compound this story – with so much stuff happening to Tom and less stuff happening to me. But no matter. I am delighted to back gigging again and I have plans to head to the villages once more.

Plus, I’Gabriel, my new novel is nearly completed and this is set to be the breakthrough project in the stubborn and stuttering career…

Anyone who has read Eclipsed will groan at this delusion, but so what? Because the moment any of us stop hoping and dreaming is a grave one. The beginning of our end, surely?

So, well done Tom for the last 10 years, the achievements and highlights of which are apparent for all to see and enjoy. It has been wildly exciting for us as a family and for many more people across the world. More to come I am sure and we will all enjoy watching and cheering along from the sides.

One of the anniversaries I mentioned above happens to be our wedding and so spare a thought for Nikki Holland nee Frost – because it is 24 years tomorrow, that she managed to bag herself one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors and budding comedy superstars.

Er, this is me.

Because that is what I was at the time. Feted in Edinburgh with awards and rave notices. I had just been offered the presenting job to replace Chris Evans as the presenter of The Big Breakfast TV Show – but I asked them to postpone my start date, so that I could get married.


And from here, scroll forward to 2018. Back in Edinburgh with my new show, The Glory Year – where we stayed in a static caravan and I played the free fringe…

Two things can explain this – Nikki is either in love – or more likely, that she is patient and is playing a very very long game.

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  1. Joan O says:

    What a great blog Dom! All of those anniversaries were pursued in patience. I would love to see wedding photos or of when you and Nikki were dating. Lots of love❤

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