Age Proof!

All golfers know that the backswing shortens with age.

Old-man-golf is definitely a thing.

No back swing, no distance but straight. It’s infuriating and particularly so when practised by men who are not even old.

Golf is unquestionably the hardest game of all – and our proficiency wanes with age. A time arrives when trying to improve one’s game becomes a thing of a past and just trying to remain (as bad) becomes the target and where I currently reside.

As far as I am aware, I have yet to shorten my backswing.

But there are other tell-tale signs to be watchful of…

Not carrying my bag anymore is one and today, idly on-line, with Google and the world of stuff at my finger-tips, I found myself browsing electric trolleys!

And I even browsed the remote controlled electric trolleys which are the only thing on a golf course that are more annoying than a young man who plays old-man-golf.

I didn’t buy one, I hasten to add.

But I did look and this means that I am in age-range and so surely, the shortened back swing is only a matter of time as well?

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