The signs are all around…

Glasgow airport, Sunday morning just gone, I am walking for my gate to catch a flight home to London; with too much stuff and too few hands as is usually the way. ‘I didn’t even want a coffee!’

The gate is busy already with more people more organised that me. Five queues are marked out with ropes – sections 1 to 5.

I am prodded from behind with the words, ‘I recognised you from behind.’

It is Milton Jones. Long term colleague, friend and latterly famous comedian.

We catch up briefly as we shuffle for queue position. Which section though?

Milton has a tour manager with him (a sign of fame, surely?). I am alone.

We both find ourselves in category 3 – Milton checks his boarding card. It’s 3. Of course it is. Check!

I check mine.

Needless to say, I am not 3.

I am a lowly 5.

I joke that Michael McIntyre is probably already on board.

A metaphor for our careers if ever there was one!

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