Surely, I am not alone on this…

A dog walk in the park this morning in the searing heat – we seek out the shade, clinging to the edge of the park and the cover of the tree-line while Tess makes for the brook and adds fish to the long list of animals that she is unable to catch.

The middle of the park is brown and dusty. Flies buzzing, the only movement. I have never been to Africa but I figure this is what it must look like. The ground is bone hard under the constant assault from the angry sun. And yet dotted about the park are a number of adults – stripped off to practical nakedness as they bask in the full sun – suncream and insect repellant to hand.

As a parent and as I get older, I am mindful that I am tutting on an ever- increasing basis.

Just like smoking was ‘cool’ back in the day and we ask ourselves now, how we ever put up with smoking sections on planes with just a curtain between us – so the evidence is in with the sun and the damage it can wreak.

As a society we are becoming ever heavier and it seems, ever more naked.

Just a few more reasons then for the tutters and mutterers like me as we go about the place saying – for our sake and for yours – ‘…please, put some bloody clothes on.’

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