The breakthrough…

Okay people, heads up… I have some important news.

I might have your attention now so I should probably temper my excitement here, but this week, there might have been a breakthrough in my world of book non-sales.

Yes, you read that correctly my kindly Patrons, a Phoenix might have been clutched from the flames in more than one respect. What is the plural of Phoenix btw, anyone?

My books have long been an enormous source of frustration for me. They represent a huge amount of pleasure and achievement but with commensurate levels of profound disappointment. Every one of my books has been lovingly written and with each one I am hopeful and expectant of bountiful sales not to mention reinvigorating my dormant backlist.

And yet… my wait continues and is becoming ever more unlikely. I say this not to be maudlin, but it just happens to be true. Writers face enormous obstacles in this digital age.


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