4 thoughts on “The camera never lies

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Dominic,

    I’m writing this here because there’s more chance you’ll read it than anywhere else.

    I could tell you were about to drop the ‘it’s down to fatherless families’ answer to the problems with yobs.

    Try and live somewhere like a Manchester council estate (where I live) and look at the trouble makers. There is no distinguishing between the ones with fathers and the ones without. The idea that a woman can’t enforce discipline and respect alone is rubbish.

    Go through life and take note of all the idiots you meet, take note of all all the people who lack respect, take note of all the middleclass and upperclass snotty brats from wealthy families who have zero respect for anybody they deem beneath them, take note of all the bankers raping and scamming the country with no respect for others, take note of all murderers, thieves, drug addicts and scum bags – and Guess what? The majority of all those people statistically have fathers.

    Just wanted to say this because it’s usually people with 2.4 families that say what you said this morning, and it can come across quite patronising.

    Put simply, one good parent beats two crap ones.


    • Dominic says:

      yep don’t disagree with much of this tom – but I stand by the central point which is that conception takes two people and if these people can remain committed to their offsring, then the outcome stands more chance of prevailing.

  2. Tom says:

    Thank you for the calm reply to my less than calm comment!
    Haha, and sorry for hijacking your post!

    Long live The Wright Stuff, the only show that can actually get you passionate before ten in the morning!


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