It’s a bigger story in my life…

Last night I played a benefit gig at the best venue on earth – The Comedy Store – with Bill Bailey being the main draw. Mark Lammar came along  to watch and there were a host of other comics from yesteryear – which was all very warm and nostalgic.

But what struck me – was that Bill nor Mark had a clue about the crisis that has befallen me?

This is a little over-dramatic I know. This crisis being – having a son who has surpassed my efforts in show business. Obviously in my life – this is a huge story. An all encompassing one in fact because I am on the inside and I really know.

Part of me is disappointed by the lack of awareness of my story – because don’t comics speak to each other? Doesn’t word spread? It tends to be more bad news that spreads like wild fire than good news. And what about my blog? Doesn’t it have any penetration not to mention my 5 star reviewed book – how tom Holland…

But part of me is pleased also.

It puts things in to perspective. The story itself? So Tom is doing well - big deal and of course his success might not continue.

And also, it explains why it is so difficult to sell books on-line – because people just don’t know about my story yet.  And when Tom really makes it… the book will fly and I will be vindicated for writing it. It will become a best-seller…

You see here how my mind works?

Always hopeful – always finding the upside… but with my natural lack of patience, you can see the natural conflict to being DH.

But there we are…

Ever onwards people!


p.s – those of you reading my book and helping to make the above happen – my thanks, obviously.




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