This made me smile…

Off to a gig yesterday in Devon – so a round-trip 9 hour drive ahead of me, I was anxious to make tracks – only for the heavens to open and my eldest son Tom ask for a lift.

To where?

The cinema.

I’m taking Paddy to see Thor. Paddy is Tom’s youngest brother. I like the idea of Tom taking Paddy to the cinema and in particular to see Thor. So I drop them off and I watch them walk down the road hand in hand – which is a nice image for me. Thor stars Chris Hemsworth – Tom’s work colleague. The actor he sees everyday on the set of his new film! Paddy is obsessed with Thor and very proud that his older brother knows him – and even better that he is now being taken to the cinema by his big bro.

But then rules scupper proceedings.

Tom is 17. Paddy is 8. So Tom cannot take him to see the film. Doh.

They went bowling instead and they both had a blast.





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