The Khan Academy

Wonderful thing the internet. The Khan Academy anyone? As promoted by Bill Gates. A clever New York financier had an epiphany and has established a series of free on-line educational seminars in subjects across the spectrum. It is brilliant. A website for the world with the important and noble goal of spreading education and a must for any parent dubious of the sausage factory education we now have – where too easily exam passes are handed out by self-congratulating professionals.

These days – exam passes do not pass for an education – how about that for an irony?

And the internet is so liberating, of course.

Instant access to news and practically everything else. Whoever phones directory enquiries these days?

But then on my radio this morning – the story of a child sex ring in the Philippines - where men from the UK have been online to view and direct whatever acts take their fancy – and acts very often perpetrated by the child’s own family.

Ruined my Weetabix and made for a quiet breakfast getting my kids off to various schools – and makes me want to tear down the apparatus of the technology that can make such a thing possible.

That a man in say Luton – directing a child rape thousands of miles away…

A visceral and knee jerk response - but if we have this awesome technology then the boffins much cleverer than you and I – should be able to make the participation in such sites completely transparent and the users should be brought to account immediately and comprehensively.

The economics of the world and implications globalisation are often unpalatable - with people dying of over-eating and people dying from starvation…

But the best demonstration of what is wrong with the world and disease that has infected our species – is the literal rape of children – to order and across continents – it is a blight on us all. Our ‘leaders’ should want it erased and decent people the world over should demand nothing less.


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