Sir Bob Geldof telling it like it is

Sir Bob Geldof was being interviewed on the radio this week and I caught a tiny snippet and was immediately drawn in by his mellifluous tones.

But quickly something intrigued me and somehow didn’t ring true.

Sir Bob explained that one day he heard a knock on his front door – and it was Albanian chap looking for any odd jobs that needed doing.

Nothing odd about this.

It’s something many of us have experienced, especially those living in London. (I assume that Sir Bob lives in or around London.)

It did seem odd though that Sir Bob would know that the man was Albanian?

Did he ask him? Because I think you’ll find that this is quite a sensitive question to ask these days.

Anyway, then Sir Bob went on to say that that Albanians are quite scary people – which is fairly awkward.

But then Sir Bob showed us the way in dealing with such stereotypes.

Sir Bob employed him of course – and immediately I am doubtful.

At first, Sir Bob had no jobs for the man – until he pointed out that Sir Bob had some roof tiles missing –

Sir Bob took a look for himself and indeed he did – he asked for a price which was very reasonable – they agreed and the man set about fixing Sir Bob’s roof!

Mmmm, I thought.

‘He did an excellent job and then suggested that my house could use a paint’

Sir Bob looked at his house and agreed – they agreed another price and

‘once again, he did an excellent job…’

At this point, the radio journalist asked whether or not this handyman was not putting other non-Albanian handymen out of work – to which Sir Bob was quick to react…

‘No, because he is creating jobs…. because I saw the same chap a few years later…’

Really? You saw him again? Where?

I assume that because Sir Bob is a multi-millionaire, that he is likely to live in a salubrious part of town and in the sort of house with gates etc and not the sort of person who is easy to bump in to.

But anyway, he did. He bumped in to the chap again and was obviously pleased to see and asked him how he was getting on.

Sir Bob then explained that the guy was doing really well and was now running a firm that employed 12 people.


A firm employing 12 people is not a small firm. 12 people on the books with employment rights, paternity, maternity, national insurance etc is a pretty big firm.

Then Sir Bob then asked him how many of these employees were British –

And now I am really dubious

Because as politically sensitive as Sir Bob Geldof is – would be he really ask such a question?

And finally Sir Bob gave us the answer –


10 of these employees of the firm run by an Albanian are British.

Yeah, right Bob – or should that be,

Yeah, Right On!

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