The magic of the cinema (or the movies)

Going to the cinema as a child was a treat and always a wonderful experience for me. Probably because we went so rarely but also because the films always seemed to me to be so special. Jaws left an indelible mark on my memory hard-drive but Back to the Future ranks as my all time favourite cinema experience. I was just awe-struck by Michael J Fox, which might explain why Spin City ranks as one of my favourite sit-coms.

Trips to the cinema nowadays are equally rare but are definitely not so magical. Probably because modern movies are made not for my demographic but for the lucrative and all important 15-25 year old bracket.

So when I do get along to the cinema these days, I am mostly very underwhelmed. My most recent trip was to see Kingsman 2 which I did not manage to complete – a rare walk out.

And why seeing Paddington 2 last night at our local cinema was so special.

Because on a cold dark night, a trip to the cinema has to be worth it and this can only happen if the film is special and just too good to see at home, even though we all have big TV’s these days.

And Paddington 2 was not an obvious choice for the Holland household. It was Nikki’s idea and take up was low and why I am now writing this post.

I was dubious and needed to be persuaded with only Paddy being willing and up for it. Sam and Harry could not be persuaded at all. Instead, they opted for Murder on the Orient Express which apparently was ‘shite’ (their verdict, not mine).

Paddington 2 though is bloody brilliant; a perfect film. As Paddy and I chuckled throughout, I marvelled at its creativity and skill. A film that can so engage and entertain people across such a broad age span is a feat of great filmmaking and story-telling.

There are three standout stars of the film; Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington and the brilliant Hugh Grant…

For me, Hugh Grant has always been an under-rated actor; perhaps his over-handsomeness and poshness have gotten in his way? On his side though is his natural and digital comic timing plus his obvious ease with taking the piss out of himself and here, he is given free reign.

Paddington 2 is his best film by some margin, better even than his second best film, a very funny and well made romantic comedy called Music and Lyrics.

Paddington 2 is not released in America until January. Because Tom has a huge fan base in America, this blog has a big readership in North America – and so I urge all moms and dads to go see this film. It’s a movie that your kids won’t forget and you’ll be pleased that you saw it with them.

And finally to the third stand-out star of the film which is it’s location, London; made to look much less traffic congested in this beautiful film – but no matter and a reminder of why it is one of the world’s great and why us Londoners are lucky to call it home..

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