The world’s best comedians…

I am reminded of a passage in my book, Eclipsed when back in the day, Eddie Izzard came to watch me at a comedy club in London with a view to taking me under his wing.

Maybe the audience knew somehow because they granted me an encore (rare for a club) and after the gig, the great man asked me…

‘Dom, do you think you can be a world class comedian?’


I was embarrassed, but obviously, I said yes. What else was I going to say?

But in the intervening 20 years or so, the results are in. Of the two of us, it is Mr Izzard who is undoubtedly the world class comedian, as witnessed by the announcement of his latest world tour – taking in arenas and stadia across the globe. And good for him.

Subjective of course but who are the world’s best comedians and I ask this for a reason…

Eddie Izzard? Bill Burr? Jerry Seinfeld? Peter Kay? I can see that Michael McIntyre and Kevin Bridges might stake a claim also – for the future at least – and I would add a name also that few readers will recognise, Mr Brian Regan.

And this Saturday, the lucky punters with tickets to Brian’s show at the Leicester Square Theatre in London will discover for themselves.

The comedy furrow that I plough is not a sexy one. I talk about everyday things which reflect the lives of my audience and make people laugh at themselves. Observational comedy is often done very badly and perhaps why it is maligned.

But when it is done well… Brian Regan does it with aplomb.

Good comedians make people laugh. Great comedians make people howl. Brian makes people howl. Unusually, he appeals to all ages and without ever offending – which to some people is offensive in itself because they like their comedy gritty and dirty. And fair enough. I like a bit of blue and the language of Bill Burr is appropriate and adds to his amazing act. But I admire even more an act who can reduce people to tears without so much as a flip or a damn.

The Holland household love Brian Regan – and we often quote his routines to each other – but without ever really doing them justice.

I was introduced to his comedy some years ago by a comic friend of mine and I have been grateful to him ever since. Check him out yourself – his CD’s and films are all on-line – no need to thank me, but you probably will want to.

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