There are no short straws…

In 2010, I visited New York with Tom because he had been cast in a film called, The Impossible – and the story of Eclipsed was already fully formed in my mind whatever happened to my eldest son from here-on-in.

As well as meeting the director and his co-stars, Ewan MacGregor and Naomi Watts (I definitely wouldn’t have used the word “co-stars” at this time because it would have implied that Tom was also a star!) – the highlight of the trip was a visit to the Empire State – the proudest building in this World City and its vaunted skyline. At the top, we looked over Central Park  and the city which is a backdrop to so much modern culture including a certain friendly neighbourhood spider-man.

And so it feels complete and also completely surreal that yesterday, this very building was lit up in the colours of Spider-Man, ahead of the release of Spider-Man, Far From Home and that Tom was there as the super-hero himself.

And that The Brothers Trust should be featured also so prominently in this venture is heartening.  A charity that we established only a few years ago to create some publicity for charities who struggle to be heard, not to mention to raise funds which combined helps to keep the feet of the Holland boys firmly grounded and on planet earth.

Last week in London, The Brothers Trust via Tom’s publicists, managed to get Myra Ali on to press junket of Spider-Man Far From Home.



Myra has EB – a pernicious skin disease which in many cases is fatal and in every case is bloody arresting. Myra wants to be a journalist and interviewing Tom, Samuel L Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya et al was a thrill for her. She was nervous on the day but did magnificently. Although she is in constant pain, she is as brave as a lion and like James Dunn before her, she will shine a light on a disease that deserves much broader recognition and support. Debra is the charity charged with this onerous role and anyone reading this who might be looking for a cause to support, a quick visit to and your search will be over. Myra can be found on Instagram @myraaliedit and I am sure she would welcome any of you kind enough to follow her.

And to complete this short post – this morning I took Nikki and Sam to the airport, bound for America and a certain premiere.

This is not just a jolly. Nikki has to be there to host the two winners of our most recent competition – to fly to America to meet Tom and attend the premiere. A sincere thanks to everyone who took part because over $500,000 has been raised, all of which will go to people like Myra and many others.

I, meanwhile am staying put in less glamorous London with Paddy because he has school – a short straw if ever there was one – but no complaints from me.

Meeting people like Myra and hearing news of my friend Paul Sinha’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease are chastening reminders, that we all complain too easily and count our blessings too infrequently.




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  1. Vanesa Mariana says:

    “…we all complain too easily and count our blessings too infrequently…” we can only get to that conclusion if we are open to hear someone else’s story. Telling those stories is one way to teach others how to explore life itself. But being able to communicate how those stories make you feel is sheer evidence of a life being lived. Enjoy.

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