Tom Holland loses and I’m thrilled…

One of the problems with writing a non-fiction book is that very quickly it becomes out of date. Such is the case with Eclipsed after last nights Empire Awards in London. Tom was nominated in the category – Best Newcomer – which oddly he has already won and three years ago!

Anyway, amongst others, up against Tom this year is Dave Johns – a mate of mine of old. Dave is a stand-up comic and leading actor in the much acclaimed film, I, Daniel Blake. At 60 plus, Dave could reasonably have been nominated in a new category ‘best latecomer’.

Dave is affectionately remembered in Eclipsed – to demonstrate the importance of perseverance. In the the book, I share an anecdote about the last time Dave and I gigged together and he suffered the ignominy of having a pint of beer thrown at him.

Last night, Dave Johns beat Tom Holland to win the Empire Award – so who is laughing now.

So, technically speaking, Tom Holland is a loser – and yet this is a good result all round.

Well done Dave.

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  1. Dayana says:

    Your blogs are very interesting and funny!
    I love how you find an explanation or a comment for every word in a sentence.
    Continue like that!!

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