Radios in Cars can be dangerous…

Driving is stressful. We know this but I argue that the radio adds to this stress.

Sharing a car as we do in the Holland family means that I am pretty much in a bad mood the moment I start the ignition and I need to have my finger poised to turn off the radio incase I hear too much of Radio 1 FM. The music mostly hurts but not as much as the faux voices of the ‘so cool dude’ presenters.

More of a speech radio man myself – but when music is called upon, I usually go for the ‘easy’ genre of listening. But this comes with risks also and I need to be alert with my finger for Simply Red, Wilson Phillips and Annie Lennox…

Smooth radio is the station that sells itself on calming us down. A good thing for Londoners on our congested and camera laden roads. And yet this morning, Smooth played The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. A great song, but relaxing? This song is not relaxing because it is impossible not to listen to without pangs of regret at giving up the sodding piano all those years ago. Just another reminder then of what could have been in our sorry lives.

“Bruce Hornsby there and now here’s a classic from WET WET WET…”

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